• CTO and Co-Founder Apps for Gaps GmbH

    [February 2016 - current]

    As a family, we decided to move back to Europe after finishing my post at the City of San Luis Potosi. We decided in Berlin because I wanted to work in a Start-Up, and Berlin has one of the most vibrant start-up scenes of Europe.

    I had the opportunity to work with Mexicans start-up while I helped co-founded Startup Lab MX. It was an experience that I enjoyed and I wanted to continue doing it.

    I arrived in Berlin in November of 2015 and I met Felipe Burattini in January 2016. He had just founded Apps for Gaps GmbH, he wanted to solve a need that he discovered while pursuing his MBA here in Berlin. He offered me the position of CTO and the chance to become co-founder of the company.

    Even though I don't consider myself a developer or devops, I took the role of CTO. I understand about technology, I don't program or administer servers any more, but I use to do it. I understand the language, and I try to keep myself up to date, I know the limits and how to push it. I do know about software development, I know how to get an idea implemented and ready to use, and I know how to use technology to achieve it.

    Most importantly, I took the role because after talking to Felipe, we agreed that the most important tech is the human that would be our end-user. And I do consider myself an expert in Human Centered Design (HCD) and UX Research. I remember a discussing in the book "Adventures of an IT Leader by Austin, Nolan, O'Donnell" about the CIO role not being about computers, but about management of people that uses computer (paraphrasing).

    Likewise, I see the CTO role not about fine-granularity technology development, rather, about orchestrating the technology to create a product. It is about management of people that are manipulating technology towards this end.

    The extra that I bring to the table is keeping the technological solutions UX and HCD grounded. 

    My role here involves several areas, as we are a brand new startup with a very small team, and I can summarise them as follow:

    • Technology Strategy
    • Product Manager and Owner together with the CEO
    • I organise the Scrums, so some sort of scrum master
    • UX Research 
    • UX Design together with the Chief Designer Officer
    • I make coffee
    And we are building an iOS App with AWS & Firebase backend. 


    Rheinsberger Str. 76-77, 10115, Berlin, Germany