Dr. Eduardo Calvillo Gámez


Dr. Eduardo H. Calvillo Gamez

Dr. Eduardo Calvillo Gamez is a Digital Innovation Expert and he has more than 12 years of experience helping several organizations in finding solutions to complex problems. He has worked with start-ups, SMEs, Governmental Institutions and NGOs. He has helped in drafting quality digital products, services, and campaigns from a wide array of domains: from the tech industry and medical organizations to climate and social issues.
Dr. Calvillo Gamez is certified as a Design Sprint Facilitator and Professional Scrum Product Owner 1.

  • Rheinsberger Str. 76-77, Berlin
  • eduardo@mezcaldigital.com
  • www.mezcaldigital.com

My Professional Skills

I am focused on delivering digtial products fit for humans. I use qualitative and quantitative research methods to understad your users and then Agile and Scrum principles to make sure the findings are properly implemented. I then continue with constant evaluation to understand how the users are engaging with your products.

UX Research
Usability and UX Evaluations
Design Sprint
Contextual Design
Customer Journey Maps
Service Design

Digital Innovation & Product Stategy

I have worked pursuing digital innovation at Universidad Politecnica de San Luis Potosi (2003-2012), City of San Luis Potosi(2012-2015), & MezcalDigital (2019-now).

UX Research

I consider myself mainly a User advocate, driving for delivering technology that addresses users' needs. I have worked as a UX researcher,in different capacities, at Universidad Politecnica de San Luis Potosi (2003-2012), WandrApp (Apps for Gaps GmbH)(2016-2017), European Institute of Participatory Media e.V. (2018-2019), & MezcalDigital (2019-now).

Product Owner/Manager

I have worked as Product Owner/Manager at Universidad Politecnica de San Luis Potosi (2003-2012), City of San Luis Potosi(2012-2015), , WandrApp (Apps for Gaps GmbH)(2016-2017), European Institute of Participatory Media e.V. (2018-2019), StartupLab MX (2019-now) & MezcalDigital (2019-now)


I have pursued managerial dutties as the Director of Technological Innovation at the City of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. (2012-2015), Cofounder of WandrApp (Apps for Gaps GmbH)(2016-2017) and StartupLab MX (2019-now).


I have created several companies centered around digital innovation. In Mexico, I co-founded StartupLab MX (2013), and the Mexican Association of HCI (2011). In Germany, I was a cofunder of Wandr App (Apps4Gaps GmbH) (2016) and currently, I founded MezcalDigital (2019), a digital innovation and design sprint agency based in Berlin.

Professor & Lecturer

I was Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience at Universidad Politecnica de San Luis Potosi (2003-2012), Mexico. As part of my academic preparation, I was also teaching assistant/ demostrator at Tufts University, University of York, UCL. I have also guest lectured at different universities in Mexico, England, USA and Germany.

PhD in Human-Computer Interaction by UCL
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science by Tufts University
B.Eng. Electronics by UASLP
Certified as Product Owner and Design Sprint Facilitator
  • Entrepreneur, Executive Leader and Research Engineer focused on Technology Strategy, Innovation, UX & HCI.

    Professional Experience

    • Since 2018 European Institute for Participatory Media, Germany
      Senior Researcher and Research Product Manager
      We are pursuing research, planning and implementing  IoT digital products aimed at helping people improve their relationship with the usage of energy (water/electricity) to improve people's lives and the environment. We work with a distributed network of researchers, developers and engineers across Europe.
    • 2017 on Paternity Leave (and improving my German)
    • 2016 Apps 4 Gaps GmbH, Germany
      Chief Technology Officer
      We are building an iOS App for real time micro-reviewing
    • 2012- 2015 City of San Luis Potosí, México
      Chief Information Officer of the City Government
      I led the technological innovation to improve the Citizens' Experience
    • 2014-2015  Startup Lab MX, México 

      Co-FounderWe are a consulting company and high-tech incubator dedicated to promoting the development of start-up companies
    • 2011-2013  Mexican Association of Human Computer Interaction, México
      Founder and President
      We are an NGO dedicated to promoting Human Computer Interaction in Mexico
    • 2009-2012  Universidad Politécnica de San Luis Potosí, México
      Assistant Professor
      I pursued research on User Experience and Human Computer Interaction; I lectured on Human Computer Interaction, Creativity, System Development and OOP.

    Other Information

    Academic Formation

    • 2005-2009   PhD in Human Computer Interaction
      University College London (UCL), UK
    • 1999-2001   Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering
      Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA
    • 1996-1999   Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering
      Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México


    Rheinsberger Str. 76-77, 10115, Berlin, Germany