• Co-Founder Startup Lab MX

    [January 2014 - November 2015... but still giving my opinion whenever I can]

    Founding Startup Lab MX was the idea of Pedro Martínez. We joined forces to build a High Tech incubator in Mexico plus a co-working space.  Pedro  had been the director of the incubator of the ITESM-San Luis Potosi, a major University in San Luis Potosi.  We have been working together in the city government since January 2013, in different departments, we knew each other since high school, and we had worked together in several projects while we both were in our academic roles, pursuing applied research and consulting.

    We wanted to create an environment to foster entrepreneurs and the development of start-up companies.

    Startup Lab MX was setup to work in the Mexican reality. That is, we helped entrepreneurs to access governmental funds for startups and growing companies. Startup Lab MX is recognised as a High Impact Incubator and Accelerator by the Federal Government.

    As both Pedro and me were engaged full time in our roles in the City Government, we worked after hours in setting up Startup Lab MX with the other co-founders and employees doing the full time work. I mainly held an advisory role, working after hours of my daytime job.

    My role was to establish the research branch; we obtained the recognition from CONACYT (Mexican Science and Technology Council) that allowed us access to funds for companies that were pursuing Research & Development. 

    I also advised few companies that were developing Web and mobile based Apps on product management and UX. 

    Since I moved to Germany, I am still shareholder of Startup Lab, but I no longer have an active role.


    Rheinsberger Str. 76-77, 10115, Berlin, Germany