What is new

  • As of November 2012, I am the Chief Information Officer of the City of San Luis Potosí, México. My goal is to provide a better citizen experience by easing the interaction between them and the government. I see this position as a chance to pursue applied research. 
  • I am also still involved in basic research:
    • Member of the National Researcher Systems (SNI)
    • Still writing and reviewing papers.
    • Still collaborating in research projects at the Universidad Politécnica de San Luis Potosí.

      About my research interests

      I am a researcher interested in the interaction between humans and technology. My main research interests are user/citizen experience, empowerment and e-government/governance.

      In previous projects I had worked on evaluating, and identifying, the user experience for video games. I have also been involved in projects for defining the relationship between business and technology. I have consulted on understanding the flow and organisation of information within an organization. I have also explored the role of governments in establishing policies to foster technological development in a third world country. And in the far past, I worked on the modelling of new interaction techniques, CAD for VLSI, Computer Vision and Usability Evaluations.